These images of tiny homes perfect for little space proves that anything can be turned into homes or shelter. Living in tiny homes is not something bad at all. You only need to manage everything in it well so that the space is livable. Below are the images of the tiny homes perfect for little space for you.

1. This house is made out of billboard and can be used as shelter for the homeless.


2. This house is attached on wheels. Inside, it is beautifully designed and neat.


3. This unique-looking house in Tokyo is tiny and very contemporary looking.


4. This cottage in New York can transfer you back to the Victorian age.


5. Container home can be a great alternative for those who loves tiny spaces.


6. This tiny house in Idaho looks incredibly great with the wooden walls and porch.


7. This is a shelter in Germany with unique design and wooden materials.


8. In the middle of the wood you can see this tiny house with comfortable interior.


9. Having a bus house is a great choice for those who are always on the move.


10. This is a studio in Canada. It is oddly looking yet beautiful because of the scenery of the sea.


11. Little house in Canada with comfortable inside and even a porch.


12. Tall yet small building in Tokyo that shows sophistication and uniqueness.


13. This is the Keret House in Warsaw, Poland. The inside, despite being tiny and narrow, is remarkable.


14. This is Neverwas Haul. A unique Victorian home with wheels.


15. This family home with wheels has attic bedroom which seems comfortable and amazingly beautiful.


16. Bus is not the only vehicle you can turn into house. This boat house floating on the sea is just as beautiful as the bus house.


17. This house is called the “yolo county cabin”. It is beautiful and very sophisticated.


18. This tiny house in Toronto, Canada has beautiful wooden floor and neat kitchen.


19. This house is called The Matchbox. It is a self-sustaining house in DC. Tiny indeed but remarkable.


20. This tube is a house actually. It has bedroom and everything inside it.


21. This tiny house is located in Serbia. It is located in the middle of a lake and it is balancing on a rock.


22. This house is located in Collierville, Tennessee. It is a frame house which means that it does not even have walls. However, the house is still beautiful apparently.


23. This modern dwelling is tiny but very modern. It is called the Andrea Zittel’s Wagon Station. It has small space in it but very well-arranged.


24. This wooden house is only 280 square feet. However, inside the house, you can see that it has kitchen, bathroom, and washer dryer.


25. This house by the lake is called the insta-bunkie. This is a sort of shelter that you can assemble and build within a day.


26. This is the HC1 House. It is made out of a wagon and inside you can see that it has a comfortable space to live in.


27. This house is called the Ufogel. It is located in Austria. The house is in the shape of octagon and apparently it is very unique inside.


28. This is the boiler room. Despite of being small, the house looks comfortable from the outside.


29. This is a wooden house from Idaho. It is neat and pretty. The inside looks very comfortable as well.


30. This house is called XS Ivalsa. It is a wooden bunker but the inside is comfortable and livable.


31. This house is only 4 meters by 4 meters. Despite being tiny, this house by Tadao Ando is very great to live in.


32. This tiny house with steampunk style has been one of the greatest tiny houses we have seen so far.


33. This house in Germany is only 1 square meter. It is very small but you can sit and sleep in it, with comfort.


34. This tiny house is generated with solar power. It is located in Fresno, Ca.


Building tiny homes like that is not impossible if you choose the right help. Fortunately, you can get the help from Nikifour if your building is located in Jakarta.

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Nikifour can help you to build the most enormous building to the tiny homes perfect for little space.



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